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     I was first employed in the field of criminal justice in 1983.  I worked for the Indiana University Police Department and was a law enforcement officer at the Bloomington, Indiana, campus.  This was a part time job and was only available  when I was a full time student.   

     I came to Florida in December 1985, when my Dad's employer transferred him from Indianapolis to Orlando.  I became a Florida State Trooper in 1987.  As a Trooper, I thought that the most interesting part of my job was going to Court.  Thus, I decided to go to law school.  

     I started at Nova University Law School in 1990 and graduated in the summer of 1993.  I participated in a Florida certified legal internship program in the summer of 1993 that allowed me to prosecute case and represent the State of Florida in jury trial for the State Attorney's Office in Orlando.   

     After taking the Florida Bar Exam in February of 1994 (I passed it with plenty of points to spare the first time), I began working at the State Attorney's Office in Sanford, Florida, and then later came back to the Orlando State Attorney's Office.  

     In 1997, I started my own law practice and was married shortly thereafter.  My wife, Aurora, who is originally from Honduras, helped me to become fluent in Spanish.   We have four boys.    

     In 2019 and into early 2020, I briefly joined a Public Defender's Office, Bushnell, Florida, for the purpose of becoming vested in the Florida Retirement System.    Thereafter, I have focused solely on my private practice of law again.   


     Due to the demand of my clients, I have also represented clients in Dissolution of Marriage cases, custody cases, and various modifications of the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage.  


     I enjoy practicing law and always make it my goal to represent all my clients to the best of my ability!

Indiana University, B.S. in Criminal Justice (1983)
Nova University, Juris Doctor (1993)   

Florida Bar No.:  0002290 - Admitted 05/06/1994
United States District Court, Middle District - Admitted 1998

United States District Court, Northern District - Admitted 2009

United States Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit - Admitted 1998


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